A Designer.

Somebody who is always positive, always trying and always curious.

Hi my name is Tim Hazzard.
A Junior UX Designer 
Here is what I've been up to recently...
● Meeting with other designers and building mentor, mentee relationships.
● Pairing with other designers to learn from them and gain real world experience.
● Working on small side projects like this one. Researching, building, testing, refining.
● Reading constantly and paying attention to design thought leaders. I'm currently reading through 'Getting Real', 'When Coffee and Kale Compete' and The User Experience Team of One.
● Sketching every day to improve my visual communication skills. uploaded to my twitter feed to help build the daily behaviour.
● Exploring tools like Framer to strengthen my UX skills. Check out my first Framer project, the Javascript was incredibly messy but it worked!
● Building basic UI components in code to increase my technical awareness of software development.
● Taking opportunities to present my work and receive feedback. Most recently at the January Design Lab Meetup in London.
If you're looking to get to know me a little better then let's chat! And in the meantime here is an unlinked page on my website with some fun gifs, movie recommendations and one awkward photo.