We are all individuals, that's why people are so interesting!
I can remember periods of my youth from the clothes I was wearing, the music I was listening to and the subcultures I was exploring. Fashion is one of the most outwardly facing layers we present to the world to try and communicate who we are to others. I have been through my hip hop stage, skater kid phase, leather jacket rebel phase, second-hand store hipster phase, neon flashy nightclub festival phase, the everything too short and too tight phase, the ironic video game t-shirts phase. My current London fashion personality is still being explored.
Photography has always been intertwined with people and their stories. The act of really looking, being aware of your surrounds and seeing people. One of my favourite photographers is the amazing and plucky Janette Beckman, well known for her documentary photographs of subcultures. If you have the time the stories Janette tells about these photographs in the two links below are well worth a watch.
All photographs © Janette Beckman
Movie Recommendation
Hope you enjoyed the note, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more.
Featured GIF is from Toy Story 3 - Ken putting on a fashion show for Barbie scene.
Embarrassing Personal Photo Below

A photo of me and my now wife. Age somewhere around 18. I was flirting with the boundary between the metrosexual and lad styles I think. Yes, that's a soul patch. Hairstyle? No clue! Did love that gold foil logo classic Adidas track jacket though and my very well worn Stussy tee.

I'd love to know a little about you too if you'd like to share.
Thank you for sharing! Here are 2 more secret links I made if you want to get to know me a little more – http://hazzardti.me/whoistim2 and http://hazzardti.me/whoistim3
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