Hard Working Day Dreamer
I want to experience 100 lifetimes. A pretty arbitrary number I know, but I love to escape into a good book, movie, video game, graphic novel, anime and just become somebody else for a little bit. Maybe I'm trying to be the best that ever was. Sometimes I just want to jump on the heads of goombas. It's a form of role play that engages my sense of play and helps make an experience more real and immersive. 
I try to bring this sense of exploratory play into my work surrounds whenever I have the chance. In my creative problem solving It helps lower the walls that sometimes pop up from the fear of having my ideas judged. There's less fear when you're having fun and engaging that sense of imagination, that inner child, that human desire to connect. Solutions are always better when they come from an open conversation with others.
I do have a competitive streak though when it comes to some games. I apologise in advance for my bad language during such games... Secret Hitler anyone?
Zelda – We all want to be the hero at least once – 30sec watch
Oh man, I wish I had that beard...
Cinema Recommendation for 2018
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. Here's the last secret link for more gif goodness, movie recommendations and personal factoids.
Featured GIF is from Super Smash Bros - Video Game where Nintendo's many amazing characters do chaotic battle.
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