I'm quiet but opinionated
I'm a great listener and will relentlessly ask you questions because I'm truly interested in what you're saying. Though I'm what you could call a cheeky introvert. I don't want to be constantly in the spotlight but I have my second side that comes out when I feel my most comfortable. Being aware of this means I can still put myself out there when I know it's important to and when I have something to say.
But where does cheeky come into it you might ask? Well, I like to see the light-hearted, more optimistic side of things most of the time. In a serious situation, I may poke fun or mock myself to get everyone smiling. Kind of like this snippet of one of my favourite comedians Josh Thomas.
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Movie Recommendation
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. Here's the last secret link for more gif goodness, movie recommendations and personal factoids.
Featured GIF is from Daria - Animated TV show about a girl sometimes stuck in her own shell
because she feels like one of the few sane people in an insane world.
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